What is the best bike for roads?

If you want to ride on the road, a road bike is your best bet. Road bikes have drop handlebars and lightweight frames that make them fast and efficient. They’re built for speed, so they won’t be as comfortable as other types of bicycles.

If you want to ride around town or on trails but don’t want to give up speed, try a hybrid bicycle instead—it’s got the best of both worlds! Hybrids are built with flat handlebars (like road bikes) so they’re easier to steer than mountain bikes. At the same time, they have wider tires than comfort bikes and touring bikes for better stability when riding off-road terrain like gravel roads or bumpy trails in parks or forests where cars aren’t allowed (which is why hybrids are also known as “gravel grinders”).

Comfort bicycles are great if you don’t feel confident enough yet about handling a regular bike; this type of bicycle makes it easier for beginners because its wide seats give riders more support when pedaling uphill (and allow heavier people who may not be able to fit comfortably otherwise). Comfort bicycles can also come equipped with extra features like front shocks or suspension frames on some models that smooth out bumps along bumpy streets while riding over potholes or rough pavement areas where cars aren’t allowed (which means they’re often referred to as “urban” commuters).

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