Cheap bike – where to buy?

If you’re looking for a great deal on a bike, the first place to check is your local bike shop. These shops can offer you the best prices, as they often have used bikes that they’ve repaired and maintained.

Department stores are another good option; they tend to be cheaper than specialty retailers like those found in bike shops or malls, but may not offer as much variety in styles or options.

Thrift stores are another option for purchasing inexpensive bikes that require minimal maintenance—especially if you’re able to find one with only minor issues (like a flat tire). If possible, bring along someone who knows how to fix bicycles if this is your preferred method of shopping!

Flea markets and garage sales are also great places where one might find cheap bikes—they may need some TLC before being roadworthy again but often provide excellent deals on quality products!

Finally: buying online auctions requires research beforehand because there’s no guarantee that what’s being sold is legitimate; however when done correctly this method allows consumers access both new items as well as vintage ones at insanely low prices due to being able buy out large inventories at once rather than having individual sellers compete against each other directly.”

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